Product selection and technical data


Recommended applications

  • ​Activated sludge treatment such as conventional ASP or sequencing batch reactor

  • Sludge holding tanks

    • Equalization tanks

    • Pump station mixing

    • Grit chamber mixing

    • Chlorination basins

    • Paper pulp chests

    • Quenching tanks

    • Agricultural biogas generation tanks

Highly efficient solutions for any tank shape and size.

Engineered for flexibility, versatility and lean installation, these space-saving mixers offer highly efficient solutions for any tank shape and size. Flygt’s compact mixer portfolio comprises eight different sizes of direct drive mixers. Using standardized materials and components, the modular design, which includes a series of propeller blade angles for each model, provides a comprehensive range of mixer performance.
Unparalleled expertise, broad mixing solutions
Flygt compact mixers easily blend highly contaminated fluids as well as high-density or high-viscosity liquids. Few components, low capital investment and straightforward service routines make Flygt compact mixers the economical choice for a broad range of mixing applications
Compact, robust direct-drive motor
Our squirrel-cage induction motor is carefully manufactured at our premises for durability and dependability. Stator windings are trickle impregnated in resin and rated at Class H 180º to provide excellent resistance to overheating and exceptionally long service life.
Active Seal™ for zero leakage
The Flygt Plug-in seal features the Active Seal™system for zero leakage into the stator housing.  Any liquid present on the drive-unit side is forced to the outer circumference of the seal ring and back to the buffer fluid side. The seal housing with barrier fluid helps lubricate and cool the seal, ensuring efficient heat transfer when running dry.
Clog-free efficient hydraulics
Flygt compact mixers feature an efficient hydraulic design that contributes to trouble-free, non-clogging operation. Engineered to generate maximum thrust with minimal power consumption, the propeller blades with their backswept design allow highly fibrous material to pass easily through without clogging.
Reliable support and service
A deep understanding of fluid handling and vast experience in mixing technologies make Flygt a trustworthy and reliable partner for your wastewater process requirements. We are always close at hand to provide swift service and support whenever and wherever necessary and have a solid network of readily accessible service centers, technical know how, spare parts and support. We ensure that you incur minimal downtime costs and the most cost-effective operations at all times.