Every component in a Flygt pump or mixer is available as a spare part. It is important to remember that a Flygt pump or mixer will only deliver optimal performance when Genuine Flygt Parts are used.

Our parts are specifically developed or selected to work perfectly in Flygt products and are available for a long time after the product has been phased out (10–20 years depending on the model). Together with our innovative technological solutions, our superior quality parts ensure trouble-free and safe operation. The portfolio includes

Griploc® Mechanical Face Seals
These seals feature a robust design that provides consistent performance and outstanding leakage prevention. They are resistant to heat, wear and
clogging. Griploc technology securely locks the seal to the shaft. The mounting tool that is delivered with each seal makes mounting quick and
secure. Selected variants feature our patented Active Seal™ technology.

Plug-in Seals™

These seals feature two independent mechanical seals (inner and outer)mounted in a single ready-to-install unit. No special service tools are required for installation and intelligent design protects sensitive sealing surfaces and springs from impurities. Selected variants feature our patented and leakage-preventing Active Seal™ technology.

Active Seal™ Technology

This patented technology enhances sealing reliability by making the inner seal in a double seal system act as a micro pump. Laser-cut spiral grooves in the seal face of the inner seal pump liquid from the inner to the outer diameter of the seal ring, thus preventing liquid from entering the
stator housing.

Flygt Basic Repair Kits

Flygt Basic Repair Kits restore the optimal performance of your pump by providing all the Genuine Flygt Parts you need for basic service at a lower cost than when the parts are purchased separately. Having all the parts in one box saves time and simplifies handling. Basic repair kits include a set of O-rings that are made to exacting tolerances. The O-rings can also be bought separately in O-ring kits.

Flygt Wear Kits

Flygt Wear Kits provide quick and cost-effective dewatering pump repair. There are two kinds of wear kits: Flygt wear part kits and Flygt hydraulic repair kits.
Together, these two kits provide all the parts you need for a complete repair of the hydraulic end. For a complete overhaul of the entire pump, just add a Flygt basic repair kit.

Flygt Ready Kits

Flygt Ready Kits contain all the parts that need to be changed due to normal wear during a particular type of repair, as well as an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. Having all the required parts in one box simplifies storage and physical handling and one part number makes ordering easier. This means reduced handling and administration work which saves both time and money.

Flush Valve Repair Kit

This kit includes all parts needed for a normal repair of your flush valve.The kit contains the correct O-rings and membranes – rubber parts that are subject to wear and aging. If other parts need to be replaced as well, all flush valve parts are available for purchase as separate spare parts. The flush valve is primarily designed to flush and cleanse the pump sump of sewage water and sludge by mixing the sewage water automatically before discharge. It is mounted on the pump housing and its design is based on  the ejector principle with a ball as closing device.

Flygt N-Technology Parts
Flygt N-Technology Parts deliver continuous clog-free pumping in the toughest wastewater applications thanks to highly resistant materials and a self-cleaning impeller. Adaptive-N hydraulics further improves this clog-free, energy-saving pumping performance through the unique axial movement of the Adaptive-N impeller. Competitively priced N-pump upgrading kits are available for easy conversion to N-technology.

Flygt Stators
Our stators provide optimal motor performance and increased pumping efficiency. Tolerance of high operating temperatures extend motor lifetime.Superior copper wire insulation, achieved by highly efficient and environmentally friendly impregnation, minimizes the risk of short circuits and ensures reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) operation.

Flygt Shaft Units

Our shaft units are designed and manufactured to provide reliable operation, maintain balance during rotation and ensure high and consistent motor efficiency. Our shaft units are made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials and are produced to the most precise tolerances.

SUBCAB® Cables
SUBCAB® cables are optimized for long-life submersible duty through their extremely low water absorption rates, superior mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. Tight outer diameter tolerances ensure a reliable leak-free fit with the Flygt cable entry sleeve and built-in screened control cores secure proper monitoring and easy connection of pump sensors.


The bearings used in Flygt products are carefully selected from approved suppliers. They are thoroughly tested and often have Flygt-specific tolerances and clearances that are of high importance. Pre-greasing ensures correct lubrication and unique Flygt part numbers ensure that  you get the appropriate bearings for your specific product.

To place an order, please contact your Xylem or Flygt representative. Refer to the Contact Finder if you need assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!